Versatile application

AutoScan DS-MIX supports multiple dental scan applications, including abutment, scan body, articulator, veneer, non-seperated model, all-in-one, impression, texture, etc.

Screw channel sealing

Users can seal the screw channel in the scan software, which optimezes the scan workflow.

Intelligent add-scan

With the scan software supporting automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and automatic add-scan, Autoscan DS-MIX offers intiutive user experience.

Ultra-fine details

Thanks to dual 5.0 MP high resolution cameras, AutoScan DS-MIX can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies.

High efficiency

AutoScan DS-MIX supports high efficiency scan mode: 13 seconds for scanning a full arch. With all-in-one scan, it can improve scan efficiency by approx 30%.

Articulator scan

AutoScan DS-MIX supports not only dynamic and static two scan modes for most common articulators, but also supports articulator transfer for Artex, Kavo, SAM and BIo-Art.

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High accuracy

Scan accuracy ≤ 7µm assures reliable scan result.

High compatibility

Export .stl and .ply files, flexibily integrated in CAD/CAM solutions.

All-in-one scan

Non-separated full jaws scan improves scan process efficiency by approx. 30%